Dudeism – Website for the world’s slowest growing religion based off of lessons learned from The Big Lebowski.

Walter Spies Tumblr – Pics from Walter’s camera.

Debut Dad – His blog is pretty much like this one but he made his own Dude and they are at the beginning of their frame.  I can tell already this dude can roll.

All Pro Dad – Cool resource for parents.  Aimed at Dads but can help anyone.

Have A New Kid By Friday – By Kevin Leman – This book is the real deal.  Amazing insight, easy to implement.  Not about your kid, it’s about you.

Spelling City – Learning website.  You can create your own list and it makes spelling games for your child to play.  We use it to study for Friday spelling tests and it yielded immediate results.

Fellow Foster Parents aka Dudes

This Dude got his bundle of fun just about 6-8 weeks after we got ours.  He’s been a great friend and it’s comforting to see the same antics and obstacles are being had by him.  Also just seems like a good dude man.

I’ll update this page with more links as I come across them.


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