Hey!  I’m just a Dude with a kid.  Not a normal kid, one my wife and I are hoping to adopt from the foster care system.  He’s a great kid with a handsome smile.  Quick to learn and help.  He just simply has no confidence and believes he doesn’t deserve good things.  Unfortunately the shit he’s blaming himself for just isn’t his fault.

Now I have some experience with this sort of thing.  I’ve struggled for years with depression and anxiety not to mention low self esteem.  At first I discovered zen philosophy but frankly I suck at Zen.  Cool thing about Zen is that you are supposed to suck at it and that’s cool so just chill the fuck out.  So I did.  Then I converted to Dudeism which is the world’s slowest growing religion based on the classic Cohen Brother’s movie The Big Lebowski.  I’m an ordained minister and can legally perform marriages.  I thought about starting a church and preaching but that was a lot of work and violates our first tenet “take it easy man.”

So with my new life philosophy and new awesome religion I was feeling pretty groovy.  Then our son, I’ll call him Little Walter, hit the scene and has turned everything upside down.  He’s got me an my wife on our heels and I just want to help him let that anger go and “take it easy man.”  This will be my journal.  If I stop updating it call the Cops.  I’m probably stuck under something heavy or the Power Rangers have turned my mind to mud.  If you don’t get the Big Lebowski references watch the movie.  It’ll make some of this better hopefully.  God speed an onward and Abide.


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