Dude Dad to just Dad…

Looks like Walter will be finishing his tourney here with us.  Should be 100% official sometime next year.  I plan on getting back into updating here.  I was hesitant to over the past few months because of all the court stuff and frankly I didn’t want to bum anyone out man.  Thank you for reading and being apart of this with us.


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5 Responses to Dude Dad to just Dad…

  1. I’m super ooober excited for all of you! Great news… Holidays Holidays

  2. dragonmommie says:

    So happy to hear about this big step your family has taken to make it official~!

  3. Just read about the TPR on Dudette’s post. Congratulations and Merry Christmas to all!! Once Walter stops seeing witchy BM he will bond to his REAL MOMMY.

  4. Glad you are still hanging in there. I can relate in some ways. 2012 was one of the worse yrs I’ve had of my 50. I’m hoping that 2013 will be a phoenix yr for me!!

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