4 Decades of Nonsense

So I’m 40 now.  Have been for 16 minutes and I look forward to being a grumpy old man.  I’m not even going to transition slowly I’m just going to start being a dick to random teenagers immediately.

During baseball practice today the kids got a  “Coach can’t catch.” chant going cause I missed a poorly thrown ball.  I laughed it off and proceeded to miss the next ball thrown my way as well.  Perhaps a 30 year old could of caught it.  This guy, who hasn’t done a sit -up since high school out of spite for the gym teacher whom I told my last day of school “I’ll never do another sit up,” could not catch that throw.  They started a “Coach is a failure,” chant.  I told them I could drive away, and buy things.  They’re stuck there till there mommy comes.  That quieted them down.

Told you I wasn’t easing into this grumpy old man thing.

Told Walter tonight as I was putting him to bed that he had a great practice today.  I ran through a list of all the good things I saw him do.  He said to me, “Someone else had a good practice too.”  I asked who, and he said “You!  You’re like a real coach now, telling people what to do, throwing the ball super hard so no one could catch it…”  He trailed off but the thought was sweet.  I kissed him on the head and told him he was a good son and he told me I was a good dad.  It makes me sad and happy at the same time.  I wish he’d tell Dudette she’s a good mommy.  She needs to hear it from him but he still just too tied up in everything to give her that yet.  We’ll just have to abide.

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3 Responses to 4 Decades of Nonsense

  1. cartpsych says:

    Happy Birthday, fellow 40-ish dad. Great post.

  2. Sarah says:

    Happy (belated) birthday, Dude. What a great gift to hear positive and affirming language coming out of Walter’s mouth… You know it may take longer for the Dudette, since most of Walter’s issues are with his birth mom, but I hope she knows that she is a great mom. So glad to hear a little update from you guys.

  3. I completely understand why Walter has a problem opening up to your wife. I’d like to suggest you tell him from time to time thats its ok to like/love more than one person. Perhaps ask him who he likes best on the baseball team and then point out that you like Billy, Joe and Tom all the same. That your heart is SOOOOOOOO BIG you can loves lots of people at the same time. Let it sink in and maybe he will come to realize he isnt betraying his BM by having feelings for Dudette. BTW tell her we miss her on CafeMom.

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