Mark It Down!

First baseball game for Walter today and he came away with the gameball for defensive player of the game.  I was so proud I almost pee’d myself.  He made two very good plays and certainly caught the eye of the other coaches.  I knew he would.

When we got home he did something I’ve rarely seen.  He played.  He got toys out and played.  He insisted I sit in his room and play with him, which I did.  But eventually, like it always does, it ended up with me sitting and watching him slam action figures and Hot Wheels together.  He’s been so down with recent disappointments that I won’t go into it really just kind of bowled me over.  I hope we get out of the middle soon.  I like it when he plays.


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3 Responses to Mark It Down!

  1. Debbie says:

    Sometimes I feel bored when my son insists that I “play” with him and then it boils down to that he just wants me to watch him play. He controls everything and sometimes I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing by just following along, instead of trying to teach him how to play with another person…. sigh. But one thing I’m sure of is that for WALTER, it’s a moment he won’t forget and he was playing with YOU.

    • thedudedad says:

      I constantly remind myself of that. It’s not what I’m doing just that I’m there. Dudette has difficulty playing card/board games with him because he just doesn’t follow rules. He will when that part of his brain comes on line but right now he just wings it and it drives her nuts. I told her, “you are spending time with him. There just happens to be a game out and you are moving pieces around a board. You’re not playing a game though technically.”

  2. so great to read your updates — my life has been busy (summer session from school – I played mostly!) Now I’m back at classes so hopefully my life will be more structured so I can keep in touch better — Glad to see you guys had a great day!

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