Been awhile I know.  I’ve wanted to write but have struggled with telling my story without betraying Walter’s.  In many ways the last two months have been the hardest yet and we continue to struggle.  Walter continues to push and test and try and divide me and Duddette.  We’ve become very good at tag teaming him for our own sanity but life on egg shells makes your knees weak after sometime.  In many ways Walter is bonding with us and that is why things have been so tumultuous.  As he bonds, he gets scared or insecure pulls away and we start a new.

There’s no end in sight with court and everyone says he should be with us but no one has said he will be yet.  We hope once this is all over he can settle into being a well adjusted little boy.  We hope we can help him with his anger.  We hope a lot these days.  Also cry a lot.  It’s been hard and we’ve been doing it alone with the exception of our therapist who frankly I don’t know what we’d do without.

Right now, we don’t know if he’ll stay.  It changes nothing.  We love him and make him feel safe.  If you miss the blog check out the Facebook page.  I put shorter, humorous stuff up there from time to time and you don’t have to sign up to see it.  Thanks for reading.


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