Day by day, pin by pin…

Not a bad day really.  I had to stay up all day with Walter cause Dudette worked.  That’s always hard.  At the public pool Walter had taken my change from the bag.  I asked him to put it back and he told me it was his.  I politely informed him it wasn’t and repeated my request and he again refused letting me know under no certain circumstances it was his.  I walked away and took some deep breathes.  I came back and asked again and we repeated the above.  So I walked away again.  Third time I roll up and say “Put the change back or we leave now.”  He says, “No.”  I grab the bag to go and he says, “I put it back.”  I can hear it jingle.  I say, “Cool, you want to swim?”

“No, you aren’t even in the pool.”  he says.  I say, “you found some friends you were swimming with.  Seemed like you were having fun and I wanted to lie down.”

“They’re gone!” he yells.  I calmly say, “So lets get in.  I’ll get in.”  He comes back with “You said we’re leaving.”  I was so tired I didn’t want to fight so I took him up on it.  He was pissed of course.  What he didn’t expect was I made him walk home with me instead of taking the bus.  I was determined to wear him out physically one way or another.  No more fresh kid at bedtime.  We walk past the bus stop and he says, “Where you going Dude?”  Mind you the walk is maybe a half a mile.  3-4 blocks.  Not terrible, not a stroll but more than dooable.

“Walking home.”  At an intersection he refused to cross and sat on the corner for about ten minutes.  I watched the lights cycle three times before he got bored and started to walk again.  We saw a young lady with a violin case so I struck up a conversation with her.  The talk of music brought Walter around and he got over the change.  We stopped at Taco Bell got some nachos and Burrito and abided the rest of the day.

Tonight we had a flawless bedtime.  Dudette told me he mentioned today he thought we were going to call and have him moved.  Breaks my heart that he could even think that.  Honestly we discussed it.  We both know it’s just talk.  We’ll see how today goes.  Either way we abide.

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1 Response to Day by day, pin by pin…

  1. Amy Brugnano says:

    You’re doing great! Keep taking it day by day, or moment by moment…Walter really needs you.

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