Walter spells…

Been awhile since I’ve updated.  It’s been a rough time.  We’ve had some escalations and regressions but seem to bounce back to a good place after episodes.  Dudette and I had been having trouble talking but I think that bubble popped tonight and we both are ready to abide again.  I’ll try and update more but things have just been heavy and I’ve not had the energy.

Our neighbor struck up a conversation with me and Walter today.  He told me he had a bad week and had to go to “J.A.I.L.”  As soon as he spelled it out I knew what was coming he’d ben better saying the pokey or even the big house.  Walter says, “Jail?!?  You went to jail?!?  Dude he spelled jail!”  The neighbor looked at me slack jawed and I just smiled and said, “spellin’ don’t work dude.”  Abide.

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1 Response to Walter spells…

  1. love your every entry, Dude – you and the Dudette have the bigggggest hearts! Think of you often….even watched The Big Lebowski the other nite!

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