Rough week…

Well it’s been a challenging week.  Fight with family members shook me up then fate decided to pile on.  Walter’s BM did not call for his visit Tuesday and he was devastated.  Dudette and I went into “love” mode and supported him as best we could.  Found out the next day it was his SW who messed up and mommy was there.  So I tell him this and he’s happy she didn’t forget or abandon him but his loyalties have shifted back to her now.  He’s in BM is a hero mode now.  I dread the weekend because he has the visit with mom now on Friday and I get to monitor it with Dudette.  There’s no telling what she will try and talk about in front of him.  I’m pretty good at talking with her but we have to get through 2 hours and still get Walter home.  With the way he’s been the past days or two he might be a bear tomorrow night.

He had a science project assigned a couple of weeks ago.  Every night we’ve been asking him if he wants to start it and he’s refused.  Well tonight we got it done and he realized without a model he wasn’t getting a “4” on it.  He screams at me to  make him a model and I hit him with a If/Then “If you wanted a model, then we should of started earlier.”  Woo-wee was he mad.  He started flippin out and I simply walked away and hopped on the computer.  He insisted he’d get no credit and started to cry.  I read the project work that clearly defined the grading and he should get the 3/B.  I read off each criteria and noted he did it.  He says, “I wanted a 4.”  I say, “Maybe next year when we get a project we’ll remember how we felt today and start earlier ya think?”  He nodded and I added, “You’ll get a 3 and if you don’t I don’t care.  You got a 3 as far as I’m concerned.”

We then went outside so he could scoot and I could watch from the steps and the President of the United States drove by.  Walter was impressed the motorcycle cops had headphones and was obsessed with calling them officer.   I told him that is how you should always address them as a show of respect.

Spoke with the principal again and filled her in on the feedback Walter was getting on test and homework from the teacher.  She agreed again it is too much for him and unnecessary this late in the year and told me she would flat out tell the teacher to stop giving us all feedback and let him be unless he acted out.  I assured her the teacher could call or email me if she chose.


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