Knocking down pins…

Walter got out of school and was in a great mood.  Turns out the teacher thought he did not have the homework at all and that’s why she made him do it in class.  I’m still not thrilled she did even that.  I feel singling him out and especially keeping him from socializing with his peers is not the most constructive way to deal with him.  It does more damage to his self esteem than anything.  I’m still writing a letter to the principal, teacher and superintendent.  I plan on talking about what spurred the conference, what has happened since and what I would like changed based on what we agreed on at the initial meeting.  I’m taking a few days to breath and compose myself.  Then I’m banging out the Dude-a-festo.  I’m then taking it to each party and asking them to sign if they agree with it.  I’ll be willing to edit and discuss.  I’m not making demands.  I’m just stating what I thought the conclusion at the meeting was and what I feel supports that conclusion and what doesn’t support it.  We’ll see.

We did 2 pages of homework tonight which is all I’m ready to push him for right now.  It took about a half an hour but there was no drama and a relatively low amount of hi-jinx.  He slept in his clothes but that seems to be one of those weird control things he does.  We don’t judge and frankly he sleeps through the night so what difference does it really make? None.  I’m not wasting energy there.  He told Dudette this morning he wished he could “stay attached to her forever.”  We’re going to try and make that wish come true.


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3 Responses to Knocking down pins…

  1. As long as he puts on clean clothes the next day, why not?

  2. Sarah says:

    Dude-a-festo. Love it. I hope you’ll have some luck in reaching a common understanding with those folks.

    But even better than dude-a-festo is the wanting to stay attached forever! Oh, you guys are doing such good work with Walter. I am so hoping that dream will come true for all three of you!

  3. dragonmommie says:

    Looks like a great plan, Dude-man. If my guy wants to go to bed in his clothes, I don’t fight it. I’ve learned to fight my urges to be in charge of everything. We’ve got to remember that these little guys feel powerless over much of their lives and if this little thing like controlling what they are wearing brings them some feeling of being in control, so be it. We control almost everything and their bodies are the one thing they can have jurisdiction over. Similar thing happening when a toddler holds in their poopies.. (sorry if that was too much info) They need to at least “feel” like they have control over something.

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