New day

So we left things in a bit of a lull last night.  Walter fell asleep by himself mad.  I worked till 3am and snuck in like a thief last night.  I was still asleep this morning as he got ready for school.  I heard spoons on breakfast bowls and didn’t hear any screaming so I thought things might have been going well.  Walter comes into the bedroom climbs into bed and plants about 10 kisses on my face as he literally lies on top of me.  He calls it hugging but it’s closer to mugging.  “I love you Dude,” he said.  A new day and a tiny victory for us all.  I patted his back and gave him a hug.  Told him beyond a shadow of a doubt that I loved him too.


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3 Responses to New day

  1. And THERE is a perfect example why we, as parents, try so hard. Those little things make up for all the shit we are given by social workers and school officials. THOSE are the things that make that heartache into something sweet. My mother once called them her Braces. They helped her get through the hateful words that we spoke as teenagers.


  2. dragonmommie says:

    Little Dude just made me cry…. a little.

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