Dude Dad vs Teacher Round 6

The lyrics “Ya’ll gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here” come to mind when I think of the old fart, windbag, homework machine.  Walter told us today she is making him do his homework during recess while the other kids play.  He’s started telling us he hates school and acting up before bed and before leaving in the morning.  This teacher is literally undoing progress that we have made.

So, I got some advocating to do.  First of all I’m going pen to paper and going to attempt to get communication with the principal via email.  I need more access to her to make sure she is controlling her teacher.  I plan on writing a unemotional recap of the meeting we had and what my understanding was coming out of that meeting.  I’m then going to list out via bullet points what has transpired since then. 3rd and final paragraph will be my ideas to address the situation.  I’m going to call the SW in to speak with the principal as well.  I’m trying to get our therapist involved as well.  I’m not getting this done myself so it’s time for back up.  I’ve been good and left social workers alone for over a month.  I should have some good will for that because I was bringing the heat there for a while.

Walter had a tough day today.  He felt he should be able to see his mommy and was pretty pissed we were not accommodating him.  He was stalling before school but Dudette had the day off and I was working from home so frankly I could give a fuck if he’s late.  Our lack of concern and zero freak out threw him for a loop and he  ended up at school on time.  Funny how that works.

After school he fought with Dudette and she went to the bedroom and locked the door.  The lack of attention kills the little guy so he got himself straight and played nice for the rest of the night.  Almost.

Story time I made the mistake of correcting his pronunciation of a word and he lost his shit and went Nam.  He takes any sort of criticism so hard and when he’s tired he just can’t help himself.  Dudette told him she loved him and left.  I turned off the light and got into bed.  He sat on the floor and hit himself in the head with the Dr. Seuss book we didn’t finish.  I let it go because I knew he wouldn’t do any damage like that and I knew he desperately wanted a confrontation with me.  So I closed my eyes.  He went on for about a minute then stopped.  As soon as he did I opened my eyes and looked at him with slight sympathetic ‘I’m not mad’ smile.  He started again and I closed my eyes.  He stopped and says, “Who asked you to be in here?”  I raised my head and said, “Do you want me to leave?”

“YES!” he says laying on the sarcasm so I hit him with a If/then.

“If you want me to leave then you have to stop hitting yourself and lie in bed.”

Walter hits me back with a if/then of his own, “if you leave then I’ll get into bed.”  He said it in such a smart ass tone it was all I could do not laugh.  Instead I said, “Deal.  I love you, I will see you tomorrow.  If you change your mind gimme a holler and I’ll come cuddle.”

I left him alone and sat outside his room waiting for him to come to the door.  I looked in after a half an hour and he was sound asleep.  I gave him some kisses and covered him up.  To be honest I sort of wanted to wake him so he could see me smile.  I wanted him to really know I still love him even when he acts like an asshole.  I truly believe these outburst are not directed at me.  I’m just here and who else can he scream at.  I’d scream too.  He’s moved to us without warning, his visits with BM are cut in half without warning and no explanation.  I know it’s for the best and I want them stopped frankly but that doesn’t mean it is easy for him.  Part of my job is to clean up the mess the rest of these people made and get him on the right track.  If I got take some abuse then so be it.


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3 Responses to Dude Dad vs Teacher Round 6

  1. Allison says:

    Good job, Dude!

  2. dragonmommie says:

    Okay…. so I’ve not even gotten through your first paragraph but need to say this: To get any action at all you need to write a letter to the superintendent, principal and teacher.. really anyone involved and either send it certified, and get signatures. This was too expensive for us and I chose to hand deliver the letters and get my own signatures, which I found is one of our rights to do. I got immediate action…. Ok, so now for the rest of your post.

  3. dragonmommie says:

    That straggler word, “either”, means either send it through the PO or hand deliver. Did not edit my comment completely.

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