Just another manic Monday…

Got Walter out to school with out issue this morning.  Decided after some awesome feedback on my blogs to hold off on talking to the principal or anyone at the school.  Just because in two months it will no longer matter.

My wife found out today we can enroll Walter in a school closer to our house.  Like ride his bike to and from school close.  It’s a good school but alas I fear it is just another change for our boy.  The upside is he can walk/ride to school, any friends there would live near by and I’d have a chance to speak with the faculty before he ever hits the door.  I (Dudette too) would have a chance to do this again but better.  Alas, it is just more change.  I honestly might just ask him what he wants.  We may take a family bike ride over and see what he thinks.  Who knows he may be as sick of his current school as we are.

We read “Are You My Mother” tonight and I think it might have struck a chord with Walter as he tried to go Nam on us.  It started with him asking me and Dudette if we were his mommy.  I said no and Dudette said kind of.  He then asked us both if we were his daddy.  Dudette said no, I said kinda.  He got mad while reading and tried to kick us out for helping him.  I sat on the floor with my eyes closed and within 5 minutes he was reading again and asking Dudette to return.  Which she did.

He then told me under no uncertain terms he was sleeping on the floor.  I said nothing, got into bed and closed my eyes.  He lied there for about five minutes quietly.  Then he says, “Dude are you going to lie with me?”  I hit him with a if/then, “if you lie in bed then I will cuddle.”

“Noooooooooo.” he whines.  I answer with silence and eyelids.  He says, “I want to sleep with Big Pooh!”  This is the giant Pooh bear that sits in his corner.  I sit up and say, “All you want is to lie on Big Pooh?”  “YES!” he says as he gropes the life out of Big Pooh.  I say, “Why don’t we throw Big Pooh on the bed and we will both lie on him.”  The kid looked at me with unadulterated shock and disbelief.

“You’d let me do that?   Where would you sleep?” he says doing his best to hide his excitement.

“I’ll put my head on his other leg like you do, no biggie.”  Big Pooh, Walter and I can all fit in his bed we discovered.  He’s asleep now.  I’d still be fighting with him to go to sleep 3 months ago.  Someone asked me today if he was behaving more or acting better.  I told them no, that Dudette and I were behaving and acting better.


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7 Responses to Just another manic Monday…

  1. Allison says:

    That is an awesome story! Another home run!

  2. It is abundantly evident ‘when I do better, my girl does better’ :o)

  3. dragonmommie says:

    NIce…. Reminds me of us… We can never say we are perfect parents because we never stop learning. It’s so true that when we do better, they do better. So many times I kick myself when I realize my own behavior dictates my son’s behavior. We learn so much from them.

  4. Shannon C. says:

    You’re amazingly inspiring.

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