Dude vs Teacher Round 4

The old fart, windbag, homework machine has been approaching Dudette about Walter’s homework and spelling test again.  She wouldn’t let her leave today with out a badgering and we were late for therapy.  So that means the one who is supposed to be taking it easy and letting us focus on Walter’s self esteem and sense of security has decided the wisdom she is imparting takes precedent over this major life event for Walter and has actually now made him late for his therapy that actually helps with the self esteem/security thing we are consumed with.

What this means is tomorrow I’m calling the Principal and asking if we need another Parent/Teacher/Principal conference.  I’m hoping she says don’t sweat it and to just ignore her for the rest of the year in regards to his homework and test.  As we discussed the last time, and I thought we all agreed on, he is bright and capable but due to all of the change he is dealing with 1st grade may be a wash.  Simply due to bad timing.  I thought I made it clear homework and test scores might fluctuate but that this was something we’d simple have to address later as a family and not a Foster Family.  Right now, it’s too much.  If we need to have another meeting I’m going to take a few steps back in how I behave, get very un-Dudelike and let both these yahoos in on what’s up.  I’m getting very tired of explaining myself and feel like I’ve made a case for how to deal with my boy.  These people seem to want my circle kid to be crammed into their square hole and for that I will not abide.  So help me God I’ll be the scourge of that damn school and they will rue the day (yeah I said that) that they pissed off the Dude.  Don’t worry about my Zen mindset.  It will be what it will be.  My rage can really tie a room together.


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1 Response to Dude vs Teacher Round 4

  1. Go get ’em DUDE! If we don’t advocate for our kids, no one will. Our educational system is flawed in so many ways….I have 2 sons (now grown) (I hope I am not repeating myself…) that have Asperger’s Syndrome and interacting with the school/teachers/principal was always stressful and OFTEN did not net the results I had hoped for ….I am thinking of ya’ll and praying for positive outcomes for you all!

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