Um, so about that post yesterday.  “Rue the day,” and “rage” does not mean violence or any such acts.  It means me not saying please and thank you and being a dick.  Probably raising my voice.  My Dad called me today concerned one of my 22 followers might read my post, not know I was venting and a loosely worded vent/blog could lead to trouble virally.  Now I realize my father isn’t the most tech savvy guy, he calls I-Tunes “Your Tunes and My Tunes,” but to his credit weirder things have happened.  Just ask this girl.  Frankly, I spend the majority of my time and energy trying to get Walter to frickin listen to me and I imagine my old man can relate to that so I’m taking his advice and clarifying here.  It would be my luck to try and get famous for 10 years doing stand-up, quit and then get exposure for a dumb ass post on a wordpress blog.

So just to be clear.  I’m just going to act like an asshole to these people because being nice isn’t working.  Dickhead, not Unabomber.  Nothing further.  Abide.

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5 Responses to Clarification

  1. I’ve censored what I say at times, even in emails. The phrase “could be used against you in a court of law” echoes in my brain, meaning “someone could totally take this out of context and use it to bludgeon me into oblivion.” Normal people understood you. No doubt.

  2. I though blogging was for venting, so vent away… Without censorship lease.^^

  3. Danielle says:

    I knew, exactly what you meant my friend. 
    Like I’ve said that when EJ is crying I’m going
    To go throw him in a bush. Do you think I
    Would actually throw my flesh and blood
    Into a bush. It’s a figure of speech. It’s like saying I’m going to kill you to someone doing
    Something outrageous. But I get what your
    Dad means, there are A LOT of people that take
    Things out of context and BLOW it up. And make nothing into something. 🙂

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