Egg shells

The tug of war with Walter continues.  He’s sweet with us to suddenly jump ugly.  His guard is up a bit and the closer we get to another visit the more tense he becomes.  He told us his Mom was going to call the cops if we took the money she gave him.  I told him she could borrow my phone but we wouldn’t take that money anyways for any reason.  He reminded us we are not to talk to her.  We just let it slide.  I think he’s scared to death we’ll tell her about the hugs, kisses and I ❤ U.

Walter’s been turning up the heat on Dudette.  She’s hanging tough but it’s been difficult.  She praises me for how “good I am” with him which makes me feel kind of bad that he seems worse for her.  The selfish side of me thinks, I may make it look easy but it’s no easier for me than her, but I honestly know that isn’t true.  She’s wanted a family so badly for so long, when he pulls away it really hurts her on a deeper level than me.  I also know he’s so hard on her because he feels guilty for being so crazy about her.  He is crazy about her.  That just makes him feel bad because he of course worries about hurting his mommy’s feelings.  Dudette just needs to cut herself some slack for starters.

I went out Saturday night to my friends B-Day party.  Coming back at 1am I get a text from the Dudette that said he was up and pissed.  By the time I get home she’s wrangled him into bed and they are chatting.  I assume she used a whip, or a chair, or bribery or a combination of the three.  I ask him what he’s doing up and he says “I want to see the bunny, Dude.”  I wondered why we trick our children with this nonsense. Proceeded to sit next to him for two and half hours saying softly, “close your eyes”  until he finally drifted off at 3:30am.

The court date next Friday may or may not require our attendance and Walter’s.  We will see.  We hope if it doesn’t that means things are turning our way 100%.  We need to move on for this little boys sake.


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6 Responses to Egg shells

  1. dragonmommie says:

    OMG… I’m praying this works out for you and SOON.

  2. guess you are right, mine was almost an angel this am. almost 😉

  3. thedudedad says:

    She must of been great today!

  4. Sarah says:

    Praying for your family and for this court date next week… And for Walter to be far away from the courtroom on that day. Please keep us posted.

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