Update – Long over due

I’ve been remiss with updating but my work schedule has been nuts and taking a toll on me.  Just too tired to blog.  Walter is doing well but he misses his mommy.  He still bungee’s in between us in terms of who is in favor.  An unusually sweet afternoon can mean an explosive bedtime in retribution.  It’s has not been bad though and he seems to come out of his Birthday Blues bless his heart.

His dipshit teacher might have a problem with his homework but I could give a fuck.  I think his principal got what I was laying down during our meeting and I’m not stressing over school anymore.

Dudette and Walter are getting a long better and I think Dudette’s thicker skin is helping.  We’ve been getting lots of apologies lately, almost too many.  We’ve been working on “self-control” but I had to explain to him yesterday that 7 year old boys are supposed to be bad at self-control.  It’s not that he’s bad, it’s just something kids his age need to work on.  When I bring it up it’s not that I’m mad or disappointed, I’m just trying to help.  I think he got it but talking to him is like throwing darts in the dark.  You can never tell if you hit or not.

Walter still demands our undivided attention at most times.  He really struggles with being alone or being left alone.  I have to tell him I’m going to the bathroom or he’s coming to find me when the commercial hits and he realizes I’m not there.  It’s stressful but I just remind myself he’s been here for 3 months, learned about us at the last minute and still frankly is spinning from it all.  I need to give him the attention until he learns to trust the love we are giving too.  All in time.


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1 Response to Update – Long over due

  1. Allison says:

    Glad things are settling into a little more of a routine. After four years, we are still pretty up and down. Just keep doing what you’re doing. It sounds like you are doing great.

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