Walter came home with a tether ball wound on his neck.  Just found out from the wife he told her he “wrapped the rope around his neck on purpose.”  He might have.  Might not be a deep psychological moment.  Could be a 7 year old fooling around.  He could have done it by accident and then told Dudette he did it on purpose for sympathy. After the weekend of love we’ve moved into the week of arms length.  I’ve not been around as I’ve been working a lot.  The change has been hard on him and the Dudette.  I hope we are taking good care of him and doing everything we can.  It’s these moments in the quiet of night I hate.  When the questions come and go unanswered.  I just want to wake him up and beg him to be ok.  As if.

It’s just another dip in the roller coaster.  Seems the higher we soar the farther we fall but that’s the game right?


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1 Response to Hurt…

  1. Nan says:

    I dont think a 7 y/o would realize the danger of wrapping a rope around his neck. It probably seemed like a good thing to do at the time. Take it from an old lady who has nurtured over 100 kids, you and Dudette are doing a great job.

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