My Mommy Doesn’t Like You…

Is what Walter yelled during a Nam moment over doing homework.  I answered, “That’s too bad, we like her.”  Dudette chimed in, “she’s nice.”  “Well she told me she hates you!” yelled Walter as the source of the stress from the last couple days became clear.  We figured something was up.  This weekend he told us both he loved us using the three words.  He’s not done that a lot and was getting rather free with it.  I expected him to get cold feet and bounce back.

My poor little guy is torn between two worlds and is terrified of hurting us or his mom.  We started homework and I asked him if his mommy told him that or if he was guessing.  He said she told him.  I rubbed his back and said, “that’s ok.  She has a lot going on and misses you.  She’s mad that I get to do homework with you and she doesn’t.”  I followed it up with, “it’s ok to love us all.  You got love to spare.  You may feel bad or sad about it sometime but it’s a good thing to love.  You love as much as you can.”


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4 Responses to My Mommy Doesn’t Like You…

  1. danielle says:

    AWESOME response. Good job Mike!

  2. Allison says:

    That’s a Hall of Fame response! Way to get it right.

  3. Dr. Antonino says:

    The previous replies took the words right out of my mouth. Awesome response, Dude!

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