Perfect game?

Pretty spectacular weekend in all honesty.  Pretty amazing so soon after a visit.  We watched Disney’s Tarzan last night and I think it really hit Walter.  He loves gorilla’s and the story of a “different kind of family,” really moved him.  I told him if he was Tarzan that meant Dudette and I are gorillas.  We’ve been making gorrilla sounds at him all day.

We had a first today as well.  Dudette and I managed to watch a TV show for 40 minutes and Walter played by himself.  Probably doesn’t seem like a big deal but the only time he has played alone in the past was when he was pissed off.  For him to sit and play with out demanding our attention is a big deal.

The birthday was hard on him but I really think he is coming out of it.  Last weeks visit was monitored by his SW and she does a good job.  You can tell because he is better afterward with proper supervision at visits.  Also we met with the teacher and principal last week and though I’m convinced the teacher is a moron the principal gets it.  The teacher wouldn’t even look me in the eye while she spoke to me.  It was all I could do not to freak out like a maniac.  The principal seemed clear on what the issues were and seemed supportive.  I basically told the teacher I wasn’t guaranteeing anything in regards to homework.  The principal agreed it was impossible to and was generally open to his needs.  Well it took him to tonight but he did all his homework this week so that’s another strike.

Went bowling today and I got to say the kid can roll.  Beat us two out of three games with bumper assistance.  Broke 100 in his last one.  Had a minor tantrum when leaving but another first he explained why he was upset and calmed down after saying his mind.  What can I say, we’ve been on fire.  He even accidentally called Dudette “Mommy” today at lunch.  I pretended I didn’t hear him.


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1 Response to Perfect game?

  1. Allison says:

    How awesome to hear that word “mom” drop from his lips. Way to go, hearing it and not letting him know you noticed!!! We adoptive parents have to be pretty crafty so our kids won’t realize that we know they love us.

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