Busted not really…

I’m running the bath for Walter last night (which he did not get in BTW) and he calmly walks into the bathroom holding a bottle of unopened wine.  He looks at the bottle and then me then back at the bottle and back to me with eyebrows raised.  He calmly says, “Mike, why are you hiding this from me?”  I furrow my brow and say, “We are not.  Why did you get it out of the fridge?”  He calmly replies, “If you aren’t hiding it why is it in the back of the fridge?”  I say back, “Because of your insane desire to drink large quantities of juice and your inability to wait for it makes us have to put our stuff in the back.”  He handed me the bottle and walked away.


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2 Responses to Busted not really…

  1. aliie says:

    I love our little family.

  2. Christina says:

    I am so happy to hear that a foster family is happy healthy and full of life

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