Walter’s just been kinda sad lately.  There’s been brief moments.  We see that smile then is goes somber.  He laughs but sometimes it’s forced.  Sometimes there’s no real humor behind it.  It’s hard to say.  He’s behaving, we had one minor outburst today but no biggie. He’s just sad and it breaks my heart.

He’s begun sitting on us.  Draped on us I should say.  Dudette or I cannot be on the couch with out having a “Walter Snuggie.”  He has to be on us at all times.  He’s bonding with us and the affection is well received even if it’s over bearing at times.  We don’t want to push him away right now.  He likes to sit with us with our arms draped around him.  I’ll take that as a good thing.

We have a meeting with the no-emailing, no cell-phone using, old, fart, windbag, homework machine and the principal next week.  I’m committing to nothing as far as homework or school results.  They’ll get what they get and if we need to get a tutor after this whole thing settles we will.  This teacher has to take it easy but I’m going to show her the way.  Whether she wants to go or not.  I like the principal but that frankly means she’s good enough to understand or know what I want to hear.  We’ll see.  I’ll threaten to request a IEP if they won’t back off.  Basically I’m f’ing with their budget.  That’ll get their attention.  I’m sure the Dude Dad has been named dropped already in the teachers lounge.


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2 Responses to Bummer…

  1. Nan says:

    Ask the principal for the requirements necessary to pass 1st grade. Or is it 2nd? Our schools have them written down and give the parents the list each quarter. Then you can work with him at home if he is lacking. Im sure you can make it more fun that simply doing worksheets.

  2. Allison says:

    You can ask for a 504 Plan, too. That has no funding that comes with it, but can be a way to get some formal agreements in place about how your son will be accommodated at school, including reduced or no homework. It is a much shorter process than an IEP and you should start seeing the accommodations in place virtually immediately. My kids’ school, mental-health providers and pretty much everyone else in any “system” my kids are in gets really tired of hearing me repeat, over and over, “You will have to solve your budget problems on someone else’s kids. My child needs and thus is entitled to _______.”

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