I left for work at 5am this morning to catch the bus.  Apparently the bowling alley went Nam.  There was name calling, items being thrown and all around defiance and disobedience.  It ended with Walter crying on the bed and being taken to school an hour late.  So the Dudette is giving me the post game break down and I say “he’s harder on you.  I’m glad I’m leaving early because you guys need a chance to work through these things together.”  Well I guess that statement implies I don’t appreciate her or don’t think they get a chance to fight enough but I did not intend it.  I’m just trying to provide feedback and be supportive but it’s just not my strong suit.  I never seem to say the right thing at the right time.  I always seem to say something that isn’t untrue but probably doesn’t need to be said to begin with.  Walking on eggshells is tough in size 13 shoes.  I felt pretty good this morning too.  Ah well.  I assume the Dudette will forgive me.  I’m an answer man.  I got answers whether you want or need them.  I need to take it easy man.


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4 Responses to Sigh…

  1. allie says:

    Dudette is not mad. She knows you where trying to help and are always suportive. Sometimes she just doesn’t know what to say and was tierd of talking and needed to get ready to go to work on her day off. It was a hard morning. This Dudette loves you very much. Its all good.

  2. dragonmommie says:

    Just remember us women just want to feel as if you’re hearing us. We need to vent just for the sake of venting and not necessarily because we need a solution.

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