Dude Dad vs Teacher Round 3

So I’m at the office taking it easy and the phone rings.  I answer and it’s Walter’s teacher.  Let’s call her Miss H.  She says, “Hello this is your son’s teacher.”  I say hello and thank her for calling.  She then tells me the reason she hasn’t called sooner is she doesn’t like using her cell phone.  We sit on the phone silently for about 20 seconds before she speaks again because I couldn’t bring myself to respond to such a stupid statement.  When she finally figures out I don’t give a fuck she is on her cell phone she tells me how awesome Walter is.  I heartily agree and ask her to back off the criticism of his homework and give more positive reinforcement.  I also advise her saying “so and so does it” is irrelevant and not helpful to Walter.  She tells me, “He can do better!”  I say no shit he can, I know he can but right now we’ve got bigger fish to fry.  I pretty much demanded she meet with us and the principal after school.  She really didn’t want to.  I eventually even had to raise my voice at her.  I believe the quote was “GOD DAMN IT YOU JUST DON’T FRIGGIN GET IT DO YOU?!?!?”

This teacher seems to think without his focus on her fucking homework pack the boy is doomed.  Her homework packs are going to make him hate school if she doesn’t ease off.  I know this is very un-dudelike, but I’m going to piss on her rug man.


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6 Responses to Dude Dad vs Teacher Round 3

  1. I have little to no use for homework in the early elementary years. It’s a battle not worth having. Kids need time to be kids and ease into the demands. Hope you can get things straightened out.

  2. burbanmom says:

    You’re a good Dad, Mike.

  3. Nan says:

    All I can suggest is……………….BRING HER TO ME!!!!!! LOL I will set her straight in a New York minute.

  4. sarahsuzyq says:

    Dude, I know I’m a day or two late, but… I really hope that you can get somewhere with this soon. Your little Walter is lucky to have an advocate who realizes that sometimes it’s not worth getting caught up in all the details, and who will go to bat for him like this. THIS is the stuff that matters.

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