Blast from the Past…

We went incident free last night and got 3 pages of homework done.  Here’s something that went down in week 3 of  Walter’s stay with us when the blog was a theory:

Walter’s SW was coming to visit our home for the first time.  We were really going at it back then and I’ll admit my wife and I were not handling his tantrums well.  So he tells me he’s going to tell on us to SW.  I ask him what he’s going to say.  He says, “You don’t take care of me!”  I grabbed a notebook and a pen and wrote that down.  I said, “what else?”  He said, “You’re mean!” I wrote that down.  He said, “You use bad words.”  I started to write that down and stopped and said, “Should I write down ‘we use bad words’ or we use swear words…wait curse words! NO ABUSIVE LANGUAGE!”  He yells, “SHUT UP!” then calmly says, “why are you writing?”  I say, “to show the SW.  I don’t want you to forget anything.  This is good keep going.”  He literally goes AAARRRGGGGGHH and slams his door.

The SW got lost and called me so I went down to get her.  I told her about the list and showed her and she laughed.  So we had the meeting and all went fine.  At the end she asked Walter, “do you have anything you want to share with me in private?”  He shook his head.  She said, “No list or anything?”  His eye’s went the size of quarters and he looks at me.  I’m holding the list.  He shakes his head furiously.  I say “throw this away please.”  He smiled and threw it away.


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