Skateboard Story

Last week after dropping dudette off at work I took Walter to a new skate park.  He took a “lesson” which basically meant I paid a dude $20 bucks to skate with him and hang out.  Well worth it because he had fun and it gave him lots of confidence which I love.  So after the lesson he wanted me to skate with him and since he had a new board I could use his old one.  So we skate for a bit and I’ve got 20+ years of skate rust to shake off.

He took me to an empty pool which was long in length but had a gradual decline.  He’d mastered it earlier and I gamely took off down the center.  When I hit the end I rode up the side and turned to come back down but did not shift my weight.  The board shot out from under me and I feel like some one threw a two by four out a eight foot window.  Completely horizontal I hit the concrete hard and my body said “WTF” all at once.  I lied there in pain and I could hear Walter laughing hysterically behind me.  I rolled over and checked my bones and nothing was broken.  Walter was still laughing.

Now every time he’s fallen skating I’ve said consistently, “that’s what happens when you skateboard. Get up and keep practicing or we can go home.”  He’s laughing and laughing and I say, “Hey dude, I’m hurt here.”  Walter stopped laughing immediately and said, “that’s what happens when you skateboard. Get up and practice to get better Dude.” Then he walked away without a word.

All right kid, well played.  At the second skate park that day he fell.  I walked over, helped him up and asked if he was ok.  He sat on my lap until he was ready to ride again.  It’s nice to know someone cares.  Abide.

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2 Responses to Skateboard Story

  1. maimai says:

    Oof. Hope you’re okay, dude!!

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