The Bum’s Lost…

Well Disneyland was fun but bittersweet.  Walter had his mommy on his mind all day and was a bit distant.  Dudette was disappointed Walter didn’t want to take pictures or have pictures taking of him.  He’s gone aborigine on us.  I think pictures are permanent and make him uncomfortable at this time.  He stayed awake all the way home shocking us both and when we got home our landlord left a balloon tied to the door for him.  He spent about 20 minutes beating the hell out of the balloon and we managed to get him in his pajamas and his teeth brushed during that.  As he was getting in to bed he grabbed the balloon to hit and said, “one more time” and Dudette snatched it from him.  She wasn’t being mean or even too harsh for a normal bedtime but at the end of a 10 hour sugar rush and a long ride home missing mom it was enough to open the water works.  I climbed into bed and hugged him and cuddled.  After a few minutes he quietly told me, “I want my mommy.”  All  I could say was, “I know.”

This is one of those times where we feel powerless, ineffective and overwhelmed.  Disneyland is no match for a boy missing his mommy.  This morning was rough.  He woke up sad, he cried.  His little tears sparked a sympathy cry out of me and then Floyd started crying cause he’s a cat and they can be assholes.

Last word from “The Dude Ranch” was that Walter was dressed and eating breakfast but quiet.  I’m still amazed at his resilience and  determination.  I wish I could do more.  All I can do is…


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2 Responses to The Bum’s Lost…

  1. maimai says:

    This is so sad…

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