Mid Game – Part 2

He’s down and went down pretty easy really.  He LOVED his toys the Dudette and my old man got him.  They include from Dude Sr.:

  • Case for his Hot Wheels
  • Remote Control Monster Truck
  • Razor Scooter – (Purple) Walter’s favorite color in the world.

The Dudette and I got him:

  • Hot Wheels Race Track
  • Hulk Hands
  • WWE Championship Belt
  • Jenga
  • Skate Board Pads
  • Hulk Action Figure
  • Angry Birds Tee Shirt
  • Batman Wallet
  • Captain America Puzzle

Shit.  We spoiled the kid pretty good.  He was very happy with the gifts but you can just sense how sad he is and how much he misses his  Mom.  I wish we could make that go away but all we can do is be here now.  He held my hand in Target today and sat on my lap at the 2nd skatepark of the day.  Dudette told me he held hands with her too.  He also mistakenly called her “Mom” the other day.  There were no fits today but to be honest he’s dictated everything all day because it’s his Birthday Weekend.  I think he is enjoying it as much as he can it just breaks my heart to see him so somber.

DisneyLand should lift his spirits I think.  Abide.

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5 Responses to Mid Game – Part 2

  1. maimai says:

    It breaks my heart just thinking what he’s going through. I don’t really know the situation with his BM, but it’s so cruel he gets to see his mom and get taken away. And I’m sure it makes it SO MUCH harder for you. I’m thinking about you and hoping that things will get better. I LOVE it that he called her mom.

  2. Have Fun, will email you about lil ones melt down today and my bruises from said melt down. Nuclear Melt Down, but we got through, and she lived, WOW 😉

  3. dragonmommie says:

    Going through your blog posts…. Your son’s birthday weekend, is the same birthday weekend for my son, too… hoot. From what I’ve read so far, you and your wife sound like you’re doing all you can for this little boy and I sincerely hope it works out. Persevere, it’s worth it., no?

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