Middle of the game…

Walter had his party with BM last night.  He asked that it only be her and his step sister but she of course showed up with a entourage.  The good news is they threw a good party and he seemed like he had fun.  Last night the Dudette was in bed with him so he’d go to sleep and he told her he was mad his BM only gave him clothes.  That’s not 100% true but it was 85% clothes 15% toys.  Some of the clothes were great (Angry Bird Sweat Shirt) some not so much (Embroidered Jeans).  He then went Vietnam on Dudette and started calling for me legit crying his eyes out.  I was of course pooping so had to rush through that like a maniac.  I went in and lied down with him and he cried for a few minutes then promptly passed out.  I think he crashed from all the sugar and “the sad” snuck up on the little dude.

He’s touchy & distant today, no surprise.  Taking Dudette to work he was counting his family members.  I asked if he was counting us and made it clear he was not.  Broke my heart but I just took it easy.  It’s part of the job.

He knows about Disneyland tomorrow but honestly seems marginally excited.  I think once we get there he’ll be ok.  We’ve been skateboarding all day and he got a smaller board from his family.  He was letting me ride the old one but then he decided he wanted it and won’t ride the small one.  That’s for the best since I fell in an empty pool and hit the ground so hard I think I lost all my memories from 1984-1988.  He’s out with the Dudette now and reports are he’s being a real asshole which is a bummer.  We both just need to suck it up for the next few days.  He’ll come back to us, just in time for another visit!

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