Very un-Dudelike man…

I went and started a Facebook page.  Feel free to abide over there or twitter.  Or both if social media is your thing.

Home from work today taking it easy.  Getting ready to run down a principal.  My wife told me last night two things  the old fart homework machine did yesterday that have pissed me off even further.

  1. When she told Dudette in front of Walter he had to do all of the homework she said, “Julie hands hers in on time.”  Listen lady.  I don’t give two fucks what Julie does.  Julie can cure cancer and bring back dinosaurs for all I care.  My son’s getting rocked by your workload and you are making him feel like shit about it.  It’s going to stop and we are going to work together or I’m simply going to abide by what I think is right and whatever that brings.
  2. She also mentioned to Dudette that she once had a bad experience with a father and that’s why she has not called me.  I’ve got bad news for her.  She’s about to have another bad experience with a father.  I’ve been perfectly polite and reasonable too.  Over the line.


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1 Response to Very un-Dudelike man…

  1. Think the teacher is bout to learn sumpthin the hard way 😉

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