This aggression will not stand man…

First off the social workers never called and gave us an update on the case.  I don’t know what the fuck that means.  If they call me tomorrow with bad news I’m going to jump ugly like they’ve never seen.  I’m going to hurt some feelings.

Second, the old fart windbag homework machine told my wife last week that Walter could do less homework because of all the stress.  Today she told her he’d have to start doing it all again.  I’m calling the principal  tomorrow and requesting a Parent/Teacher with her and Walter’s teacher.  We’re going to get some things straight.  I’ve eaten enough shit.  It’s time for me to spit it out and let these fools know what’s up.  I’m a nice guy up to a point.  I’ve requested twice for this teacher to set up a meeting for all three of us and she has blown me off.  No more abide.  No more Mr. Nice Dude.  I’m about to go Vietnam.

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1 Response to This aggression will not stand man…

  1. Get em dad! Don’t lay down and let em stick it to you. You the BOSS!

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