Nice start

So I leave my bedroom today at 5am to catch the bus to work and wouldn’t you know.  Walter was wide awake.  Up on both knees, arms outstretched.  I say,  “You want a hug or something?”  He nods his head so vigorously I think it will fall off.  I go in for hugs and he says, “I got a big, fat, orange, cat with me Mike.”  He did.  I can’t show Walter’s picture legally.  I can the cat’s.  (See right)  So I give him his hug and tell him it’s too early to be up.  He looks disappointed and I offer to take  him to my bed so he can cuddle with the Dudette, “Cause’ I’m sure she misses me too.”  That is how my morning started.

Big day today.  Court is deciding whether to limit visits with the BM.  This should be a clear indication of whether we will be able to adopt Walter permanently or not.  We are hoping that they limit visits and proceed to the TPR.  If that happens we think he will be an official Dude by August.  Pray, hope or wish on  a penny for that for me if you will.

So I’m on the bus playing “Guess Who Puked” and I get a text from my Dad encouraging me.  He ends it with, “Abide.”  Well said Dude, well said.

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4 Responses to Nice start

  1. Good luck in court today 🙂 Its good he is kitty friendly. my lil one is kitty friendly with all kitties, except my Manx, she tries to terrorize her. waiting on the trip for stitches 😦 one day she will go too far and Muffin won’t be forgiving 😦

    Again, Good luck today 🙂

    • thedudedad says:

      TY sir. Your support is valued and appreciated. These mornings will come with you. As always be patient. The cats are a work in progress. Kids just like to scare them. It’s a little taste of power, especially foster kids who have no control over anything. We have two. Floyd, pictured, is so old he just doesn’t give a shit anymore. Lucy trots past him and hisses as she goes. She’s scratched him pretty good in the first week and he is more than cautious around her.

  2. maimai says:

    I’ll be thinking of you and although I’m not much of a prayer, I’ll be praying for you!
    GOOD LUCK!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!

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