Hokie Pokie Indeed…

Got a call from the SW today that the B-Day party with the Birth Mom could not happen on Friday due to staffing issues with the DCFS.  My wife rearranges her schedule and I mine and we get a call back that it will be Friday after all.  Luckily this was all done outside of Walter’s view so he is none the wiser.

Walter is rather tense, he gets this way before visits and this birthday weekend is on his mind.  It’s by no means ideal for him.  I hope his mood after his party with the BM is not too bad.  He gets so down after the visits and who can blame him.  I just want him to feel special for his birthday.  We’re going to spoil the shit out of him this weekend and see how that goes.


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2 Responses to Hokie Pokie Indeed…

  1. told my lil one today about the visit Friday. She tensed and I had to explain as fast as I could. Now today after a while at home, she becomes defiant, and uses her catch phrase “you aren’t taking good care of me” when I tell her its time for bath, bed, sleep, and anything else she doesn’t want to do. does insurance cover exorcism? 😉

    • thedudedad says:

      We got the “You aren’t taking good care of me” the first few weeks ourselves. Remind me to blog about the social worker’s visit and Walter’s list of complaints.

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