I bet you…

Good day yesterday.  Dudette had play dates for the Oscars so it was all Guy Sunday.  We rode bikes to the skateboard park and I earned some cool points for being able to ride my bike and carry his skateboard.  I also split a ice cream sandwich with him at the skatepark after the long ride so I was batting a 1000 to say the least.  As we left he told me as he rode by me, “today is a good day, Mike.”  He’s getting more clingy as well.  I can’t sit on the couch without him on my lap.  Even as we played video games he’d sit on me and I’d have to maneuver around him to play.

There was one small incident.  The day before at the movie he was playing Mario Kart with my boss’s nephew.  I heard him ragging on me for being terrible at Mario Kart and that I offered him no challenge.  Well I decide yesterday when he wanted to play me to show him what 35 years of gaming has taught me and I poured it on.  I slaughtered him.  There’s one track he always wins on and I managed to beat him on that one too.  God bless him he was so mad fire was coming out of his ears.  He just turned off his DS and pouted.  I got up and walked away without a word.  He gave me the silent treatment for about 30 minutes then our big old cat got on his lap and he was so happy he almost crapped himself.

He’s learned how to bet.  “I bet you…” is the new thing.  What he’s discovered is the Dude only makes bets when I’m pretty sure I’m going to win.  If I know I’m going to win then I raise the stakes to a level he just isn’t comfortable with.  He lost our Nerf Football which is not a big deal.  I knew we’d burn through those.  I asked him where it was and he said the trunk of the car.  I told him I looked and he said, “I bet you it is.”  I say, “Ok I bet you a $100.”  He lost his mind.  “I CAN’T PAY THAT!”  I told him 30 weeks of allowance would do it and he stormed away mad.  He doesn’t bet with me anymore.


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5 Responses to I bet you…

  1. Little one will grab my WII remote while we are playing so I don’t get a higher score. I just let her for now, she knows I can beat her scores in the games, or she will say switch remotes so I can play her toon in the tough parts. Its all fun 🙂

    • thedudedad says:

      I’ll be honest. I won’t play that cut throat every time. I just wanted to give him a taste of humility. My wife gave me some good strategies to talk to him about sportsmanship and winning/losing. That’s all long game stuff. I’m glad you and yours are doing well and very thankful we can compare notes. God bless the internet.

      • Yes, Im sure notes will get longer too. She is still trying to figure me out and test me. But I am a very patient person. Though after yesterday, my nerves were fried 😉 I don’t try to win all the time, mostly I play because the WII toons aren’t as forgiving to her as I am.

      • thedudedad says:

        They will pick the lock that is your sanity and they are master lock picks.

  2. maimai says:

    It makes me smile envisioning him on your lap 😀
    That’s SO CUTE!!!

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