The Lorax

The Dudette gave me the night off last night and I got to hang with some friends for the required amount of silliness.  Little Walter went down pretty well from what I hear and awoke in a good mood.  In a weird twist he’s started being nicer to the Dudette and turned up the heat on me lately.  I’m glad though.  Warms my heart to see them play and talk to each other.  He opens up to her a lot more than he does me as well.  Always has.  I think he sucks it up a bit around me and tends to be more “macho.”  Don’t quite get that as I’m the least “macho” guy in history.

We saw a early screening of The Lorax this morning and it was a fun a movie.  Lou Dobbs was right though.  Al Gore should of had a writing credit but I thought overall it was a decent message against excess.  Just to make sure Little Walter wasn’t too indoctrinated I ran over a tree as we left the parking lot.

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