One step up, Two steps back…

Walter’s been in his room all night and is refusing to talk to me.  He’s furious with me because I tried to make him do his homework.  I’m sitting in the living room by myself knowing I did the right thing but still feeling like a pissed on rug.  He won’t even tell me why he’s so mad. I don’t think it’s the homework but who knows.  He realized today he wouldn’t be seeing his BM on his actual Birthday and he’s pretty pissed about that.  He wants her to take him to Disney Land but that ain’t going to happen.  We told him we would but it’s just not good enough.  Right now I am simply out of ideas.  I hope the morning brings a better attitude or we get a chance to talk tonight.  Him shutting me out is worse than the tantrums.

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4 Responses to One step up, Two steps back…

  1. Allison says:

    Our kids’ BM was out of the picture by the time we came in, but it’s like that with anything that they have built up in their heads that doesn’t go the way they imagined it might. It takes so much for my youngest to just get through a good day without exploding every five seconds, that he’s at the end of his resilience before anything actually doesn’t go his way. I’m just commisserating with you. It hurts when they seem to prefer people who have abused them to the mom and dad who are devoting their lives to helping them heal. No one ever promised “fair.” Being on the receiving end of “not fair” can be pretty crappy.

  2. thedudedad says:

    I hear you. How long have your Walters been with you?

  3. Allison says:

    Nearly four years.

  4. thedudedad says:

    🙂 How nice! I love mine. I just hate to see him jerked around so much.

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