Strike! Mark it down…

Little Walter’s mood was terrific all day.  I know we are far from out of the woods but it was a day the family needed.  I have to say I LOVED the skate park.  What a cool, relaxed vibe.  They were the nicest kids.  I can’t count how many asked Walter if he was ok after he fell and/or encouraged him.  We even got invited to a near by B-Day party and made some new skater friends.  He did get discouraged in the first hour.  I just took it easy and reminded him he’d only been skating for two weeks and on nothing but flat surfaces.  Tried to motivate him a bit fearing he would shut down and go into a tail spin for my efforts but to my delight he got back out there and conquered that hill.  We stayed for some time and the Dudette joined us too.

At one point Walter cut off a big kid and made him blow a trick.  The kid motioned to his friends by forming a “C” with his thumb and fingers cupped and bounced his fingertips off each other.  He then did it towards Walter.  Well I stopped taking it easy because I thought he was pretending to choke LW and frankly that just wasn’t cool man.  So I asked Walter to move and as the kid rolled by me (17-18 mind you) I said, “choking gestures to my kid is not cool no matter what he did.  Take it easy man.”  Well he almost shit his pants but mostly was confused.  He went back to his six friends and I could see them semi-huddle.  At this moment I figured I was going to get my ass kicked and wonder what a board to the head and spine would feel like.  They broke the huddle all looking confused and the smart one (I assume) had a moment of clarity.  He says to me, “that’s the sign for ‘collision’ he wasn’t pretending to choke your kid.  It’s cool man.”  I immediately felt older than I ever have in my life and thanked God, The Secret or whatever the hell keeps this all going that I didn’t have a cane to shake during this whole confrontation.

We went to our usual park so Walter could hang with some buddies and on the way back he asked again if he was going to have a visit in two days.  We’ve been over this multiple times but I casually told him no it was next week.  He asked if it was the Tuesday of next week and I said it was Friday to be closer to his birthday.  He lost it.  He yelled, “You keep changing it for no reason and your a liar!”  I calmly but with a little force, “I don’t change it.  That was the judge but you have every right to be mad because it’s confusing and hard on you.  It’s makes you mad and sad.  It does me too.”  He went silent but by the time we got home he was fine and has been for the rest of the evening.  Movie, dinner and a relatively good bed time tango ended out the frame.  If only the Dudette could stay awake longer than him when staying with him.  🙂


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3 Responses to Strike! Mark it down…

  1. maimai says:

    Huh… I’ve never thought skater kids were this cool… I just never knew.
    It must’ve been pretty confusing for them 😀
    Very protective dad, I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Allison says:

    When I was still lying down with my youngest, I always fell asleep before he did. Adopting from foster care is exhausting. You spend all day tap dancing through the minefield of their emotions. By 8:00 p.m., I’m wiped. Even now, four years of too little sleep down the road, if I lie down and get my husband to rub my back in the evening, it’s all over but the snoring.

  3. thedudedad says:

    “You spend all day tap dancing through the minefield of their emotions. By 8:00 p.m., I’m wiped.”

    SO TRUE!

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