Winging it…

Little Walter asked the Dudette why he was with us and why his visits had been cut.  She called me into help and frankly I tap danced like Gregory Hines.  The first thing I made abundantly clear was that none of it, zero, is his fault.  I explained in broad strokes that BM was unable to care for him and expressed that the former foster homes both said good bye to him for no fault of his own.  Which is the god’s honest truth.

Then I told him he’d always have a home with us.  Even if he returned to his BM, lived with her for 10 years then needed a home he could call us and we’d come get him.  He said, “what if I don’t have your phone number.”  I just smiled and said, “you will always be able to contact us.  We will always be there for you.”

He looked Dudette deep into the eyes and said that he couldn’t sleep. She advised perhaps sleeping on the floor was a bad idea.  We moved to the bed and he was out in 15 minutes.


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4 Responses to Winging it…

  1. You are doing such aan awesome job Dude! Keep the love flowin, that lil guy sounds like he’s going to be just fine with you and Dudette.

    Some advice, take it as you will. Assure him that YOU chose him and everything else you’ve already been saying. It REALLY helps to know, when you’re “in the system” that you are wanted and loved, no matter what. Positive vibes to you and Dudette.

    • thedudedad says:

      We started trying to have kids when he was born. I’ve been telling him we’ve spent this whole time looking for him. We’ve finally found him. It’s funny my wife and I told him yesterday that we agreed to take him the second we saw his picture. The SW’s wouldn’t take a answer from us for 24 hours but we called them the next day on the minute.

      Thank you for the kind words and for reading.

  2. maimai says:

    I’m gonna cry… I just can’t imagine what he’s been going through…
    You guys are doing a great job!

  3. Allison says:

    Love it. We’ve been saying the same thing to our three for the past four years and they are beginning to believe it. Don’t quit no matter how long it takes.

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