Moment by Moment…

Little Walter went down with a fuss last night but he was exhausted.  He finally got the play date that he wanted to have last week last night. He came home surly despite but the house he was at was palace of toys, bunnies and other fun stuff we don’t have.  So adjusting to the hovel and squalor after three unadulterated hours in Nirvana can be expected.  He fussed with bed but was nothing crazy.

This morning he was in a great mood for about ten minutes and the lost his shit.  He shaped up in time to get Dudette to work and then again the mood was better.   We went to the park with our new baseball gloves and tossed the ball around and one of his friends joined us.  He got jealous that I was throwing to both of them and stormed away.  I went to talk to him and he starts with the yelling and name calling and home we came for a timeout.

After timeout he was back to a normal good mood.  We talked about the park and I told him, “If you wanted to play just you and me you should have just asked your friend politely.”  This sharing things is rough right now.  It’s a mix of only child syndrome and also fear of abandonment so it’s a double whammy.  I couldn’t get him to apologize for the name calling either but he nodded his head when I asked if he felt bad.  I told him I loved him even when he was being nasty and chased him down for a hug and some tickles.  He went back to the park with the Dudette and I’m alone for the moment.  Why do I want to do nothing but sit here?


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1 Response to Moment by Moment…

  1. Allison says:

    Yeah, when my kiddo calls me names, I just say, “Aren’t you glad I don’t believe you mean that?” and walk away.

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