Dude Dad vs Teacher Round 2

So Walter is down for the night and there was very little sporadic drama here and there.  I’ll admit I eased up on him tonight.  After the visit on Tuesday and the water work meltdown last night I just felt he needed a break so I ordered a pizza, watched TV with him all night and did most of his homework for him.  I also sat in the bathroom with him while he took his bath which I DESPISE because the little booger insists on splashing me.  Anyone who’s known me knows I can’t swim because I have a pathological fear of water in my face.  This is traumatic shit here man!  So we read and I lied with him for 15 minutes before he went out.

I also spoke with his principal today and I have to say she struck me as a righteous dudette.  She got her teachers back, and frankly I expect her to as much as I dislike the teacher, and said some very key things to me about Walter that let me know she understands and is willing to help.  I couldn’t be happier with the conversation.  I also spoke with Walter’s teacher today and I advised her I was easing up and looking for opportunities for positive reinforcement since I felt the visits, the new home/school and homework is overwhelming him.  The kids got a shit ton of life going on and his little head can’t process why his Mommy can’t have him.

So we are going to take it easy this weekend and just try and relax.  It’s what I think is best.  The disciplinarians out there can tsk tsk all you want but you don’t know Walter and I’m doing what I think is right for him today.  We’ll deal with down the road down the road.  Besides, like George Harrison said, “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”    Abide.

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1 Response to Dude Dad vs Teacher Round 2

  1. Allison says:

    You’re right on the money deciding what Walter can handle in the way of schoolwork and just skipping the rest. My little second-grader is eight and has so much trauma that we just say “no” to homework and call it good. His first grade teacher didn’t get it, either, but we just went on and got the IEP for emotional disability and got him a plan that works for him. He’ll learn when he’s got space in his brain for education. Meanwhile, we just keep doing therapy and therapeutic parenting and let the school chips fall where they may. He’s smart as a whip and learns all kinds of things–just not on everyone else’s time-table or through anyone else’s methods.

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