Vietnam 2: Even Namier!

Well last nights sadfest has been replaced with rage-fest today.  My wife has been punched and kicked, coffee table was accosted and the bowling alley door is holding steady for now.  He’s in indefinite timeout right now.  Refusing to eat or shower.  Might just let him have that one and see his hungry, dirty, smelly ass in the morning.  Going to risk my life and offer him dinner one last time.

Two Hours Later

So I go to the restroom figuring Walter’s pissed so I might be able to have the illusive “peaceful-poop.”  As I walk in I hear Walter sobbing from his room.  I leave and enter the bowling alley and he’s on his bed and his pillow is drenched in tears.  He’s simply sitting there moaning.  You might think he was working me and I was suspicious but we saw BM yesterday and that shakes things up.  My gut told me he was overwhelmed with sadness that fueled the anger.  I climbed into bed with him and wrapped my arms around him.  I kept encouraging him to get the “Mad and sad,” out.  He kept on crying.  The Dudette rolled in for support and the three of us spent sometime cuddling while the Dudette and I empathized with out little guy.  We told him when your sad it’s easy to get mad and even feels better than being sad.  The problem with Mad is it makes you say and do things that aren’t good for you.  Mostly we told him we loved him.

He came out and ate.  We read a story and I lied with him for about 30 minutes before he finally passed out.  I had to threaten to leave twice to get him to calm down and I pissed him off but he’s asleep.  It’s always the same thing, he farts around until I tell him to stop.  He gets mad at me rolls over in a huff then promptly passes out.  So far he stills smiles at me in the morning so we are just going to stick with that.  I never thought I’d love someone who drove me this crazy this much, besides the Dudette of course.  Abide.

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1 Response to Vietnam 2: Even Namier!

  1. The Ninja Mommy says:

    I came across your blog this morning. You know…I just want to let you know how phenomenal you are. What a really special person you are. Your love, despite frustration, seeps from every post you write. I am a single mom and there are times i want to rip my hair out because it is all too much, but coming here has been like coming to a sanctuary where i can examine myself and see how i can do better for my daughter. Her father isnt really involved in her life and although she is only 2, there are so many days when she asks simple questions that i cannot answer…i.e Mommy i want to go on a plane to see daddy…or when she sits by the window and tells me she is waiting for daddy. I guess we dont have all the answers and whilst kids act out emotions they cannot express, the main thing is to give them stability and love. Maybe the message i m getting from your blog is that although there are times when i just want to walk away, its not too late to change the way i react in certain situations…Walter is a really lucky little guy and im going to keep following your journey and hope that this special little boy gets to have such an awesome dad as his parent.

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