Slamming Doors and Gutterballs…

Well we had a visit today with the BM, that always gets Walter’s dander up.  We read a story and the Dudette was with him as I left.  I went to the bathroom and should have known that was a terrible idea.  Halfway through the job at hand I hear him storm out of the bedroom with my wife hot on his tail.  They were going at it and she was telling him to go to bed and he was just yelling at her.  I nudge him towards the room and he went begrudgingly.  He kicked the bathroom door, slammed his and then locked it.  We need to have the lock taken of his door.  I know he’s just tired and feeling anxious because of time spent with BM.  I hate that we are unable to properly console him and have to turn to enforcer tactics.  I keep reminding myself it is best for him.  I really don’t know what we are going to do about his mom and her presence in his life.

Oh well, we’ll try our best again tomorrow and see how it goes.

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