Not feeling it…

So the visit with BM yesterday was more of the same shenanigans.  Walter behaved when he got home but the Dudette lied in bed with him until after 11pm.  He wasn’t talking or poking at her or messing around.  He was a just sad poor little guy.  This morning he was somber and sullen but very well behaved.  It’s just all so much for him.  I worry about him constantly and honestly don’t know what to do about these visits in the future.  I hope to adopt him and then it will be up to me but I’m not sure what is best for him.  I just want him to have normal kid problems, the ones he got now are just too much.  I know he can do it and he is strong and he has us, but I wish I could make it all go away.  I don’t know how to make this better for him.  I’ll just keep following my plan. Abide.

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1 Response to Not feeling it…

  1. Dr. Antonino says:

    Love conquers all, Dude.

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