Good nights sleep…

Feel like I was a little hard on the Dudette last night.  Going from all she’s ever wanted and getting so close is difficult.  This has been hard on her too.  Plus, if I got an issue with her I should probably chat with her about it before blogging.  Don’t even think she’s read last night’s yet.  So please know the following is legit and not spin mode in anyway:

She is my Valentine again this year.  12 years in a row and that is good.  Real good.  She’s been with me when I was a mix of Walter, the nihilist and Jackie Treehorn’s thugs all at once.  She’s always been able to abide to make me happy and I owe her much.  I love you Dudette.  You are an amazing mom.  You kick ass at the job even if he won’t give you the title.  Abide.

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4 Responses to Good nights sleep…

  1. allie says:

    Thanks honey! I love you very much! You will be my Valentine forever! Xoxo

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