Nothing to see here…

Last night bedtime went off without a hitch.  We really didn’t do anything yesterday and just hung around the house.  That was a bit more stressful on the Dudette and myself than actually going out.  We did get the house cleaned and Little Walter cleaned the bathroom for an hour because I “missed so many spots.”

We’ve settled in with him it would seem and the tantrums are now flash fires that are quickly put out as opposed to the ragers we were routinely getting a few weeks ago.  My wife and I are both rather burnout at the moment but there’s not much we can do.  With the schedules the way they are and only having one car things are going to be this way for a bit.  I think we will be fine.  I’m hoping Little Walter tries out for the baseball team, I think it will do wonders for him.  I worry about him constantly and even cried on the bus on the way to work today, again.  I always worried about crossing paths with crazy people on the bus.  Ironically I’m the crazy one.  The hour long ride into work allows for much time for reflection and I tend to think of how much our little guy has been through but he forges ahead so bravely.  This leads me to kick myself for feeling so weak and worn out now when we have such a long road ahead.

I spoke to my dad on Saturday and told him, “the worst part about this job is you never know if you are doing it right.  I wish there was a bell that rang or the lights would blink when you do something right.”  He told me to just do my best.  Abide.

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5 Responses to Nothing to see here…

  1. danielle says:

    Hey dude dad, it sounds like you are doing an amazing job. I read all the entries and i was cracking up. I agree with your dad. just do your best. I see it as Little walter is still alive that’s a win for you. :0) Thats the way i see it with my child.

  2. maimai says:

    OMG, I totally understand about wondering if I’m doing right or missing my alone time!!
    Parenting really isn’t easy… but it’s not easy because we’re good parents!
    Bad parents couldn’t care less about good parenting 😀
    Yeah, let’s just do our best!
    I hope you get some alone time somehow.
    I get my short alone time daily when Charlotte goes down for a nap. It’s not enough sometimes and I sometimes I take it out on Rich when he comes home from work. I feel terrible but I can’t help it sometimes!
    I really had NO IDEA adopting would be this hard. All the animes and stories I’ve read when I was a kid, the orphan is always a goodie and the stepparents are always the bad guys.
    (I’m not saying he’s not good… He must be a good strong kid.) You’re opening my eyes to what really goes on with adopting a kid. It must be so hard for you. But I hope it gets better! I love you!!

    • thedudedad says:

      Don’t get me wrong we are doing fine and he is great. Just a ton of change all at once. Thought we were ready but how do you prepare for this? Give that baby a kiss for me!

      • maimai says:

        We thought we were ready (and we had 9 months to prepare) and still we had a really tough time.
        I still think the first 2 weeks were the toughest time OF MY LIFE.
        I will kiss that little butt for ya!! Same to your little baby and your beautiful wifey!

      • thedudedad says:

        That young lady was no walk in the park. She ran at the out door a few times and had you guys guessing and on your heels before she finally debuted! Plus the medical stuff, you guys have done an amazing job and have much to be proud of.

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