What a weird, strange day…

So the Dudette took mercy on me this morning and let me “sleep in” but Walter was wound up so I settled for staying in bed for a half an hour by myself which is good.  Real good.  When I got up to take Dudette to work and start “Guy Day” I realized Dudette had failed to feed Walter breakfast.  At 10am this meant he was pretty grouchy.  On top of his foul mood we had to 1.) Take back magnets he stole from the Dollar Store and 2.) attempt to arrange a play date that he was literally losing his shit over.

He ask if we can call Play Dates dad and I tell him after we eat.  No way I’m dropping him off hungry and believe me I was looking forward to some desperately needed “Me Time.”  So we go to the Dollar Store and he confesses his crime to Judy the checkout teller.  She says it’s ok that he looks honest and he just made a mistake.  I ask her, “Aren’t you legally obligated to report this to the police?” I admit it was mean but the look on Walter’s face was well worth it.  She declined to call the cops and we took Dudette to work.

We get her to work and Walter demands again I call for the Play Date.  I tell him again after we eat and off to McDonald’s we go.  We put food in our face and he plays for a bit in the playground.  I call Play Date dad, get voice mail and leave a message.  Call me crazy but I knew right then this PD (Play Date) was not going to happen.  So I take Walter to Toys R Us to get some new water tattoos.  This is a old “Guy Day” tradition.  They had gotten new ones in as well so we are now the happy owners of some Phineas and Ferb Water Tattoos so look out ladies.  As we leave he tells me to call PD dad again and I say no.  He gets shitty.  I say no again and he actually start yelling at me.  I tell him, “We can go home and wait for the call or the park.  Your choice.”  He SCREAMS “NO! TAKE ME TO PD!”  I hit a red light turn look him in the eye and say calmly, “you keep screaming at me and I won’t take you anywhere no matter who calls.”  Walter goes silent.  We drive home without a word.  From there it was off to the park and the rest of the day went without any major incidents.

PD dad who I will from now on call Fuck Face never called.  Look bubba, if you tell my kid he can have a PD honor it or at least call back.  Some people just bring the demons out in me and shit like this pisses me off.

We bring wifey home and I go to “call work” aka get some alone time.  I’ll admit I’m not feeling to Dudely lately.  I really miss my alone time.  I get none anymore.  Worse than that I hate myself for feeling this way and feel like I’m short changing Walter in the whole deal.

So what I need to do his just chill out and take it easy man.  I’m sure I’m not the first to feel this way and hell I never did anything constructive with my alone time anyway and god willing this kid will turn out ok and I’ll have something to show for this life besides a collection of PS3 games, a Facebook page and 30 minutes of dick jokes.  Abide

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6 Responses to What a weird, strange day…

  1. debut dad says:

    hahaha, great post mate… hope you get some alone time soon.

    • thedudedad says:

      Thanks dude! How’s no sleep and piles of poop treating you?

      • debut dad says:

        The bags under my eyes are getting bigger and the sad thing is I have to start work again on Monday… the poop… well any day without a poop explosion is a win in my books 🙂

      • thedudedad says:

        Hang in there dude. They start getting a little more everyday. You’ll cherish all the firsts. My wife and I were fortunate to have two newborns live with us for a short time. It was exhausting but extremely rewarding.

  2. Nan says:

    Well I think that both you dudes are learning a little every day. In defense of PD/FF HIS kid might have screamed to go somewhere and PD/FF not being as cool as you gave in and did what his kid wanted, totally forgetting about the play date.
    I continue to be entertained by your blog. Thanks

    • thedudedad says:

      I complain about Walter all the time but I’m VERY protective of him. I feel small let downs like this are amplified to him because of his history. You are correct though there are two sides to a coin.

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