A rare AM fit…

For the most part Walter is pretty chill in the AM.  We asked him to clean his room today and he went Vietnam on us.  Slammed the door, locked it, yelled screamed and promptly cleaned his room.  We told him he was in timeout and could come out when he was ready to be nice and show respect.

Half hour later he’s out and showing us his room.  We both got hugs and I asked him point blank, “What was that anger all about?  Do you know?”  He shook his head and I asked if he was sorry for yelling and I got a vigorous nod.  He then asked if he could clean the bathroom.  I Tebowed in the middle of his room and gave him a Hell Yeah.  He’s been in there now for a half an hour.

Progress: I haven’t heard him say he “hates us” or call us names all week.  He also agreed to try out for a local Little League team at the park we go to.  Abide.

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1 Response to A rare AM fit…

  1. burbanmom says:

    YAY!!! Awesomeness!!!

    PS… That’s generally my knee-jerk reaction when I realize I have to clean my room too.

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