This just in… 2/9/12

Walter is in full meltdown mode because I’m making him do three pages of homework before fun.  He’s informed me he’s not eating.  I had to carry him to his room where he almost kicked a hole threw his door.  (Note to self:  Tell landlord to order door, scratch that: two doors.)  I have not heard much since we went into lockdown.  If he doesn’t get his homework done tomorrow I’m going to hand his teacher a note asking her to simply ask him specifically why it is not done.  We’ll see how he likes the consequences.

I’ll keep tweeting with updates this evening.  If you are not on twitter just refresh the home page of the blog and you can read the tweets on the right.  They’re just my opinion man.

If you’re not into the whole brevity thing I’ll recap tonight.

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3 Responses to This just in… 2/9/12

  1. Kristine says:

    When my kid gives me a hard time I pretend like I’m putting the homework away while I say, “Ok then, I’ll get we’ll send this back to school and you’ll just get an ‘Incomplete'” For some reason that does it.

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