This is weird… 2/9/12

I actually got the kid to do his homework, fed him, bathed him and got him to go to sleep without incident.  Is this what it feels like to know what you’re doing?  I have to admit.  I’m a bit unnerved.

I hope my darling dudette doesn’t take this personally since she and Little Walter were going at it like cats and dogs before she went to work.  She apologized for leaving me with him like that and I just told her not to worry about it.

I let him spaz out in the living room for like 15 minutes and then when he started getting loco I carried him to his room.  He Chuck Norris’d the door and was quiet for about 15 minutes.  He called me in and had tied the door shut with fishing string which he thought was hysterical.  I got in and picked up the string and said, “let’s do homework” and left.  He came in sat down and busted out three pages like I asked.  We struggled a bit but really nothing too crazy.  We watched Wall-E and he wanted to watch Phineas and Ferb but I pulled rank and turned the TV off.  I also tivo’d Phineas and Ferb and will most likely watch it tonight just to be a black-ops asshole to the kid.  You got to take your revenge in silly ways.  He was at school on Monday and my wife and I were alone for the first time in 6 weeks.  Did we have wild sex?  Nah I went out and bought candy just for us and we ate it all.  One day, when Walter can read this I will be filled with shame.

ANYWAYS, turned off the TV and he got in his bath.  Jerked around a bit with the exit but he always does.  He left the bathroom after getting dressed.  I started brushing my teeth and that brought him right back in.  We read for twenty minutes and he was fidgety but not bad enough to make me stop.  We lied down together for 10 minutes, I tried to leave and he busted me with his last bit of energy then promptly fell asleep.

I think the key between he and I now is that he knows the best way to get my attention is to behave and mind me.  Even if he starts acting up at dinner all I have to do is shift my chair so I’m facing away from him and he will settle down till I acknowledge him again.  My wife on the other hand still tends to try and talk it out a bit more and still confronts him a bit more directly.  I will say in her defense because he has ties with his BM he is harder on her than me.  He is more defiant with her and more hurtful as well.  He also boomerangs on her, meaning they will be having fun and enjoy themselves and he will jump ugly.  It as if he catches himself and pulls away.  The only males in his life were his older foster brothers and now me.  I’m drastically different than them.  They were a hard bunch of kids who had obviously been through a lot.  They did a decent job at toughening Little Walter up too but we are working on undoing that so he can be a kid.

So what can I say nothing to see here this evening but believe me.  I’m not patting myself on the back thinking this Dude is anywhere near done.  Abide.

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2 Responses to This is weird… 2/9/12

  1. Chris Thomas says:

    Brilliance… pure and simply patience, perceptiveness and WILL!

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