A rant…

I hate Little Walter’s teacher.  So far she’s made this whole thing way more difficult than it needs to be.  For one she assigned 20+ pages of homework to Walter last week.  I’m sorry to offend any teachers out there but that’s too much for a 1st grader.  She also joked about costumes with the class last week which created some drama here at the homestead.

I stopped in last week to ask her to communicate with me better regarding goals and results for him.  I said “Can I give you my email address?”  She replied, “I don’t do the email thing.”

Two things:

1.  WHO THE FUCK DOESN’T USE EMAIL IN 2012!  Even my father has an email address and he refers to ITunes as Your Tunes and My Tunes.

2.  Even if you don’t use email please, please for the love god and all that is holy, try an understand it has progressed past a “thing” state and has reached a level of acceptance in modern society.

What is she Amish?

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4 Responses to A rant…

  1. burbanmom says:


    Grab a small, cheap spiral bound notebook at Walgreens and let the teacher know that this is your “communications notebook”. It goes in EVERY DAY with Walter, is given to the teacher, and then comes home EVERY NIGHT. The teacher is to look in there for any notes, questions, comments you have and needs to reply to your concerns that day. Alternatively, if there are issues at school or things you should know about, she needs to be proactive and put them in there to give you a heads up.

    If she’s not on board with this plan (considering what Walter is going through) then she sucks and you should talk to the principal immediately.

    Good luck. 🙂

    – Erin

    PS…. Yeah, my sisters will probably give you really nice, fuzzy-bunny advice, but I’ll rain down the cold, hard facts on ya. 😉

    • thedudedad says:

      That’s great advice Erin but I know this loony won’t participate. She’ll probably tell me she doesn’t do the notebook thing. I think it’s time for the Principal to meet the Dude Dad. 😉 I’ll always take any advice I can get from your amazing family!

  2. Nan says:

    If he is getting 20+ pages of homework a week..ie: 4 a night that is WAY too much….unless he is not doing the work in school. At any rate, if he knows how to do the work, then cheat and help him. If he gets too frustrated he will learn to hate school and you dont want that. Use your judgment as too how much he can handle. Maybe he can write a few letters and then not finish. What is the teacher going to do? Suspend him?

    • thedudedad says:

      That’s kind of what I’ve been doing. To be honest I’m not worried about his intelligence. He’s smarter than me, when he gets some experience and wisdom behind him look out. She also expects him to read to us 20 minutes a night on top of 20+ pages and all his personal stuff it just strikes me as too much. Thanks for your input. It helps a lot. Once we get a head a bit on money I’m going to purchase your book, I cannot wait to read it!

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